August 03, 2011


My blog is different from blog of others you can read shayari when you click the title of post or on the pages which are created on top .We are thankful to you that you visit our blog .I hope you must enjoy  each and every shayari  we have posted here .


August 02, 2011

Shairy by Females

In this  section we  have collection of female shayaris. we agree that shayar give creations to society irrespective of male or female but females set up a different example in every field where they you got collection of both old and new shayaris  of femalesso that you got collection of female poet seperately.Moreover the emotions and expressions of females are totally different from male shayars and generally it is more touching and devine.
This corner also provide space for new female poetess

July 31, 2011

wah kya sher hai

In this section we try to provide you those creations which  touches your  heart  deeply and  we have full believe that you must say "Wah  kya  sher hai..."Sometimes we use proverbs in our conversation to impress others in this section you got some shayaris which you can use them in your conversation easily to make yourlife "wah wah"    This section  
consists of the collection  which touches you deeply its my belief !!

July 29, 2011

Contact Us

If you want to post poetry of any shayar  then you are most welcome and send us that along with name of shayar on our email addresse.
If you have any interview of any shayar then send it along with picture of that shayar we share your efforts with your name .If there is any live mushayara or poetry concert to be held near by your place you can inform us  before time so that we can cover that concert .
you can also send your creations to post here .

Hamd &Naat Shareef

Hamd-- in this book we praise Allah
Naat Shareef- it consists of praises of messengers of God
In this section we try to post  the scripts of writing Naat  we also try to share thoughts & dialogues of   scholars who are saying naat and hamd in thier divine voice

Sad Shairy

 We all feel sad sometimes.Sadness is normal emotion  that can make life more interesting.much art and poetry is inspired by sadness and melancholy.When we say good bye to a loved one we usually feel sad.The sadness is even deeper if a close relationship ended

Romantic shairy

Romance is the pleasurable feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.
In the context of romantic love relationships, romance usually implies an expression of one's love, or one's deep emotional desires to connect with another person.

Funny Shairy& Jokes

Funny Shairy gives  us a mental relaxation when we get depressed with our day to day hectic brings smile on our faces and sometimes inspires us to think on some topics of society evils .Funny shairy is toughest creation among shairies as it not only contains humour but alsocontain comments on social evils

Interview of poets

Shayari is soul of a shayar ,it reflects the thoughts of shayar
with the help of this section we try to know thoughts and feeelings of poets and shayars who are milestone of this this section you not also got thier birth place but also thier images but some dialogues of live interviews by our correspondents. we hope you  also like this section